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Young music sensation Kenzi is the fresh voice of country pop music that is quickly gaining fans and grabbing the attention of critics from all over. As a new artist, Kenzi is a talented vocalist with a down-to-earth charm and music that fans of all ages can relate to.

Raised in South Florida, Kenzi has been singing for as long as she can remember, breaking out into song in just about every situation as a young child. Her first public performance was at the age of three, and her desire to perform grew throughout her childhood. As her love for music developed, Kenzi began seriously studying voice at the age of 11 and has since been taking vocal lessons. Her passion for music stems from the ability to connect with others through self-expression, hoping to help others through their own life troubles as she is candid about her experiences. Kenzi feels destined to make music and perform as a way to inspire others while bringing them joy and feels most comfortable when she performs on stage.

Kenzi enjoys the fresh experience of listening to a new song, learning about herself as she explores the vast world of music. She compares making music to making magic, and when one listens to her music, they are able to experience the unique, inexpressible quality of her talent that makes Kenzi a special artist worth watching. With these truly special vocal skills, her passion, and her genuinely warm and down-to-earth personality, Kenzi is becoming hard to miss, and this is only the beginning.

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Down To An Art

They're whispering wondering what it is I do right
Getting those boys to look
Keeping them on the hook
It's innocent, heaven sent
Not sure where I got it
Maybe it's from my mom
So it can't be all wrong
I'm just a southern girl trying to have fun


I can't explain it
but I don't want to change it
It's just me being me
What you get is what you see
I'm just into flirting
where nothing is for certain
No strings, no rings
No, let's see what tomorrow brings
When it comes to playing hearts
I've got it down to an art

Yeah, keeping it unserious is kind of complicated
Stopping them in their tracks,
Before they get attached
I'm just looking, searching,
Trying to find Mr. Perfect
'Cause a girl just can't commit
Until she knows he's it
So for now I've got to kiss and run

Chorus refrain


Someday I may settle down,
I might make a choice,
But not right now

Chorus refrain

I Wasn't Ready Yet

It was cold out and you gave me your sweater
We could see our breath in the air
No one was saying forever
But you could feel it there

You were free falling off of that mountain
You wanted to take me there too
It was like I was frozen in time
Staring at you

Chorus: It was the perfect night
All the stars lined up right
But when you held me, closely
Love almost scared me to death
'Cause I wasn't ready yet

Sometimes my mind starts to wander
It replays that moment with you
The what if's and maybe's can drive a girl crazy
But you can't change what never came true

Chorus refrain

I know there's a someone
I know there's a someday for me somewhere
But 'till I rewrite the ending, ill keep remembering

The Perfect night,
All the stars lined up right
But when you held me closely
Love almost scared me to death
'Cause I wasn't ready yet

I Wouldn't Be Me

The way I walk, the way I talk
The way I smile, the way I laugh
Even the way I dress, how I speak
My inner strength
The way I fly, the way I fall
And how I stand up tall
I see you in everything I do


If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be me
It's in my blood, it's history
Solid ground has been passed on down
A family tree that I'm proud of
The here and now is here because of you, yeah
Without you, I wouldn't be me

When I was weak, you taught me strong
When I was going, going gone
You helped me to hold on
When I was scared, insecure
You found a way to make my dreams
Seem worth fighting for
You're everything to me and so much more

Chorus refrain

You were strong enough to set me free
Tough enough to let me be
Wise enough to help me grown
And in my heart I'll always know

Chorus refrain